The Isle of Bute Tartan Collection

Isle of Bute Tartan Collection 

These new Bute tartans were created by eye and on screen and this is where the journey and the story of where the visual tartan design adventure began...

I have fallen in love with Tartan, I never understood tartan, there were so many and what did they all mean and how do you design tartan. I got lost in a visual world of colours that all merged together to create wonderful designs from old to new.   I took some time out to look at tartan and line structure, I wanted to understand tartan visuals could be created and which ones would work and which ones looked ok and which ones just did not make it.   I spent hours playing slowly to see what would come alive on the paper and as these wonderful colours, shapes and patterns came to light, it was a fun adventure of experimenting and getting excited about some of the strong images that were showing.

I have been designing tartan for other projects and wanted to also bring this tartan to you at Bute gifts so I have decided to name it 'My New Bute Tartan Digital Range'

I have named the hats by colour, each beach or bay has its own colour - Ettrick / Scalpsie... you know them all

Hope you like :)

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