Bute Museum, Rothesay Isle of Bute Posted on 26 Dec 03:46


A must see when in Rothesay

If you are interested in the history and nature in and around Bute, then a visit to the Bute Museum is a must.

The museum is home to a collection of historical artifacts that show Bute’s rich history along with a collection of rock samples illustrating Bute’s complicated geology caused by its position on the Highland Boundary Fault and the subsequent violent activity associated with it.

See stone tools and items of pottery left by later Neolithic settlers at various grave and settlement sites along with artefacts and metal working implements of Iron Age date that were excavated at Dunagoil Fort on the South West coast of Bute and form an important and outstanding collection.

Back to the present day, the Natural History room houses cases of mammals and birds from a wide variety of habitats reflecting today’s wild occupants of Bute.

Records of the flora and insect life are carefully kept, while a display of wildflowers is on show during the season.

Children can enjoy handling various natural objects set out on the Touch Table.

The Museum houses a Lecture room and Library with a fine collection of books, documents, photographs and archival material relating to Bute.

The holiday isle case has the new additions of two bottles donated by the owners of the Rabbie Burns. Mr Punch thinks they look very nice.

This wonderful 3D geological map of Bute came to the Museum over 100 years ago.

It has just been beautifully repainted by Brian Large and is on display in the geology section.


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